Somehow we just need that one person to hate, instead of hating ourselves.



I don’t wanna even try to be nicer. I just want to be myself, and if this grumpy old habit of mine is the real me, I could live with that.


It’s completely okay for someone to complain about anything that bothered them. But, if they complained for the same thing everyday, well come on, you could have been more creative than that #justsaying #maybeimthatpersonaswell #sorryforthat 

Is it good enough?

When you’re looking back to your whole life to the past

Would you say “it is good enough”

Or would you question yourself “is it really good enough?”

There’s no absolute measurement how good a life is

Money, fortune, and fame

Would you measure your life with those kind of things?

For me

I measured my life with how much loved I was

Now that you’re in my arms

I would say “well yes, it is good enough”


The louder I feel inside

The more silent I become

The more peace I feel inside

The louder I become

Life is an irony 

What you feel

And what’s written on your face

Sometimes it’s just contradict each other

Just an old picture I’ve had

The only picture with celebrity that I’ve had in life 🙂

Yep, it’s me wearing purple stripes shirt and my sister Asti with the pink one

The man in the middle now is the lead vocal and guitarist in Barasuara, he once a guitarist in The Trees and The Wild (TTATW). His name is Iga Massardi. He’s so tall and handsome as hell.. wait, it’s Taylor Swift’s song LOL *pardon my lame joke

Yeah, he’s so tall! Look at me only as high as his armpit! LOL

What I’m trying to say is.. nothing! I’m just showing of this old picture hehe

Such a good time back then, from gigs to gigs, watching my lifetime crush Remedy Waloni (the lead singer of TTATW) singing up there. Magical moments that I’ll be keeping all my life, too bad that I couldn’t took some picture with Remedy :’)

My beautiful thing

I’ve seen double rainbow on the deep sea

I’ve seen the bluest sky and the most emerald ocean along the sand

I’ve seen so-called paradise on earth

But when I see you glance at me

White marble skin and that beautiful sharp  face

I knew that

You’re my only

Beautiful thing




*When your boyfriend had more beautiful face than you, sigh