You feel sick, really sick

Your body may not be that sick, but you’re so mentally unstable

You just feel sick

You don’t want to be in the crowd

Loud noises are so annoying

You just want to be alone

You just want everyone to just leave you alone

Literally alone comforts you the most

You don’t want to talk

You don’t want to smile

Not mention laughing and joking around

That’s totally out of your list

You might just wanna die to end this pain

And then you’re crying

Shedding tears for completely no reason

You might gone crazy

And really really want to hurt everyone

Including yourself

Yet you really want someone close to be there for you

But there’s no one

There’s no one want to be with insane gorilla like you

So you just don’t give a shit

And drowning in your sickness

In your loneliness

The world is just a pain

The life itself just merely misery


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